10 Tips to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

If you’re not worried about gaining holiday weight, perhaps you should be. Despite the popularity of New Year’s weight loss resolutions, research shows that most people who tend to gain weight during the holidays, don’t lose it once they’re over. Read More

Accountability is the Secret to Fitness Success!

With years of experience in the fitness industry and particularly with personal training, I am convinced that the key to optimal fitness results is being accountable. Whether it’s working with a personal trainer or a workout partner, or answering to a friend or family member in regard to your exercise or nutrition program, accountability is the key to success. Read More

What is Your Favorite Post-Workout Meal?

We all know it’s best to have a healthy snack after working out. Studies have shown that eating a small meal of protein and healthy carbs helps increase the benefits of your workout and speeds up the fat loss process. So what’s your favorite post workout meal? I personally love an EnergyFirst protein shake with almond milk and a scoop of Greenergy. Trust me it’s great! Read More

Is Resistance Training Important?

This is a really good question given that there has been such heavy emphasis on “aerobic” or cardio training for the last several decades. It’s not that an active lifestyle and more demanding cardiovascular exercise isn’t important, but if it comes at the expense of proper resistance training, it is a big mistake. Read More

What Is Your Favorite Exercise?

I was talking with a training client today and we got into an interesting conversation about his favorite exercise. It was kind of neat learning about his preferences, likes and dislikes. So I wanted to open this up a bit and ask you… what’s your favorite exercise and why? Read More

Age Gracefully by Avoiding Muscle Loss!

Many people misguidedly think muscle loss, decreased metabolism, and decreased bone density are just natural consequences of aging that they can do nothing about. This great article by Wayne L. Westcott, Ph.D., CSCS, clearly shows how resistance training and proper nutrition can have a tremendously positive effect on our maturing bodies, regardless of our age. Read More